How to Get Started in Biking

Ninja Mountain Bike Performance is an all-inclusive mountain biking fitness and training company that focuses on training full-on athletes. NMBP knows from experience that the proper combination of mountain biking skills and optimum physical fitness can work in an unparalleled partnership to bring about maximum performance and success in this exciting sport. It’s also important to remember that, as with most things in life, there is always a trade-off between cost and quality. There are many great quality low-cost products available on the market today. However, the bottom line is that it is extremely important for any serious athlete to invest in quality products that perform at their very highest level.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes Ninja Mountain Bike Performance so special: The biggest indicator of performance – apart perhaps from price – is that the instructors at Ninja Mountain Bike Performance know exactly how to make your ride faster, stronger, and more efficient. Whether you’re riding on dirt trails, pavements, or mountains, the instructors will design a training program specifically for your physical condition and riding style, allowing you to maximize your performance without risking injury. Instructors have actually been known to design programs specifically for people suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS), lymphedema, or a variety of other conditions, allowing them to ride up to their maximum capabilities and, in the process, develop new skills for continuing on with their normal day to day lives. And don’t think they limit themselves to the trails only – they are also available to teach you how to ride on sidewalks and in most any other location that you can think of!

The course design is designed around both the instructor and your individual physical conditioning and skill set. For instance, in one particular obstacle course, we did have a large grass area with three parallel bars, each roughly ten feet in length and located along the center of the trail. The obstacle course consisted of a series of short jumps, handholds, and jumping areas, all of which was done exactly as they were described, avoiding any “icing” of the mulberry gap (the area immediately in front of the bike). The idea behind this particular obstacle course was to test both your strength and your coordination, with the idea being to allow the riders with the less inherent skill to advance as quickly as possible, while those with a high degree of skill would go the distance.

Ninja Mountain Bike

In addition to having a wide variety of trails to ride on, Ninja Mountain Bike Performance has a full range of instructors to teach each trail to potential campers. This is an important factor when it comes to comparing this type of bike park to its competitors. We believe it is critical that Ninja Mountain Bike Performance provides campers with knowledgeable, trained instructors who are able to properly assess their skills, determine where they might need some additional practice, and then design a program to help them get those skills up to par. In contrast, we feel it is much more important for any good bike park to have competent, experienced instructors who are not afraid to call outriders on their weak points and instruct them in ways that will help them advance rather than teach their weaknesses.

Another important consideration is the types of equipment provided. Ninja Mountain Bike offers many of the same kinds of equipment that other popular bike parks offer, but we feel their style of teaching is a bit different. We think they are trying to set themselves apart as a leader in the mountain biking community and so they are not afraid to spend a little more on top-of-the-line, highest quality equipment. One thing that they do not do, however, is to provide opportunities for new riders to improve their skills through the use of free demonstration videos provided by the school. It is unfortunate that Ninja Mountain Bike Performance does not offer demonstration videos of their riding fundamentals of navigating the trails.

Regardless of whether you are a beginner just learning to ride or an advanced rider who knows what he or she is doing, there is one essential component of Ninja Mountain Bike riding that all riders need to understand and learn: the Ninja Basics. These fundamentals include proper posture, alignment, and body awareness. All of these are needed in order to fully enjoy the Ninja experience and to fully control your bike. The Ninja Basics also includes being comfortable and confident with your riding position and your ability to maintain your balance. Finally, being able to properly handle your bike and being confident enough to know where your feet should be at all times while riding is all key elements to becoming a Ninja.

One option for new riders would be to take a visit to a Ninja Mountain Bike Performance school or facility. Some schools do offer clinics at different times of the week, either before or after riding on local trails. It is important to consider the type of riding you plan on doing, how far away from a traffic dense area you want to go and if it is even something that you could get into on your own. If it is, then taking advantage of a clinic set up by a Ninja Mountain Bike Performance school could be an excellent way to learn some of the Ninja Basics and brush up your skills. Many Ninja schools offer the opportunity to take a free tour of their facility, plus they may have a few short videos you can watch during your visit that explain some of the Ninja Basics that will help you get started down the right path.

There are many reasons to become a Ninja and one is certainly the opportunity to go on awesome rides on some of the most challenging tracks that are available. You can often see beautiful scenery along the way and you will feel as though you have conquered a whole new realm. This feeling is one of the biggest reasons that Ninja Mountain Bike riding is becoming such a popular sport. Ninja Mountain Bike riding is not for those people who want a laid-back lifestyle, but rather for those who are willing to put theirs all into their next level of biking. This level takes more than just getting some wheels in motion, it takes full control and a confident sense of self.


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