The newly developed Beijing Daxing International Airport is the world’s largest airport. It has become a major gateway for international travelers; many from western countries travel to this airport every day to visit their families, friends, or business associates. Most international flights travel through this airport as it is located in the city of Beijing in China. Other than this airport, there are other large airports in Beijing; these other airports are the Beijing International Airport, the Beijing Shendi Airport, and the Yangtse International Airport. This article will take a look at each airport and its features.

The Beijing International Airport is one of three terminals in the city. This airport is located in the city of Beijing; it is one of twelve airports that are part of the Beijing International Air Transportation (IAET) zone. This airport serves for domestic flights as well as for international flights which originate from Beijing. There are an international terminal and one domestic terminal.

Beijing Airport

This airport is located in the city of Beijing and is served by four airlines namely; China Eastern Airlines, Beijing Capital International Airlines, China Southern Airlines, and Hong Kong Airlines. These airlines fly to a total of twenty-six different countries. The four airlines fly to and from these cities; they offer flights to Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Canada, and the USA. The nearest suitable hotels to the airport are the Beijing Olympic Hotel, Xujiahui Hotel, Xintang Hotel, and the Beijing Huiyuan Hotel.

The Beijing Daxing International Airport is the largest airport in the region and ranks third in the world when it comes to size. This airport is considered to be the main airport of China as it houses all commercial airports as well as international air freight services. This airport serves both domestic and international air traffic.

As far as facilities and accessibility are concerned, this airport provides for an easy setup; there are a huge car park and a single check-in counter. The hotel facilities are decent with good food in the canteen and some restaurants serving local and international cuisine. There is a shopping center which sells all the required goods. There are also a number of clubs and other recreational centers here where people can spend their time. There is a bus stand as well where one can reach all important places.

The World’s largest Airport is considered to be a great place to spend leisure time; there are many things to do here and there are lots of exciting activities that you can participate in. The Danyang Iron mining area nearby offers great scenic sights while a visit to Xintang River in the Shiliupu District is very interesting; it is very picturesque. For those interested in history, there is a museum here which provides information about the Forbidden City, plus there are many interesting buildings. People can opt for an exciting tour that covers all of Beijing’s most famous landmarks.


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