For anyone seeking some excitement during a vacation, the best place to go is Santa Monica. The biggest attraction of this beach is certainly the famous Santa Monica Pier that can look a bit too familiar to the average visitor but is well worth a visit just for the full Santa Monica experience. The Pier is home to the Santa Monica Museum of Art, which is one of California’s foremost museums. Another great spot is the Santa Monica Pier concert hall, which has featured some major acts including the Rolling Stones. There are also other cultural attractions such as the Santa Monica Pier aquarium, natural history museum, library and even a planetarium. The pier offers a wide variety of things to do whether you want to just walk around or spend your time at sea.

A good place to start out on your holiday to Santa Monica in Santa Monica Beach, a short walking distance from the pier. This peaceful park features beautiful playgrounds, beach volleyball, and tennis courts, and plenty of shady and beautiful places to sit and enjoy the sun. For those who want a less active trip to Santa Monica, the Santa Monica Culinary City can be found not too far north of the pier on ocean drive. Here you can find the award-winning Santa Monica Pier restaurant and other restaurants by the water. The Culinary City is one of the city’s most popular attractions and a great place to eat during your days away from the pier.

Santa Monica Pier

If your day isn’t quite over after taking in the Santa Monica Pier, don’t forget to check out the many more popular beaches to round out your holiday to Santa Monica. One of the most famous is Malibu, a long stretch of sandy beach backed by spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. The best way to get to Malibu is to take the famous golden ferry that runs between pier and island. The ferry ride across the sparkling Pacific Ocean will stop at a number of popular beaches such as Beverly Hills, Malibu Canyon, and Santa Monica Deluxe.

Of course, the most famous landmark in the city is the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Established in 1931, this historic walkway includes names that have been synonymous with Hollywood. Many of the actors, musicians, and actresses who have lived and worked in this part of town have their own photos displayed here. The famous Walk of Fame also includes movies such as Rocky, Grease, Casablanca, and E.T. With its three hundred and sixty-three bronze statues, this is definitely an attraction for those interested in Hollywood history and culture.

Another reason to visit the southerly tip of southern California beaches is the Santa Monica Pier. Offering great tours and events hosted here, the pier is one of Santa Monica’s more famed local landmarks. The main attraction here is its sixty-three-foot tall whale statue which was created by a local carpenter back in 1937. This fascinating attraction is a great place to learn about the whale world and to take a look at some of Santa Monica’s famous pier attractions.

A quick visit to some of these unique locations can make a day of vacation fun for everyone in the family. Between the Santa Monica Pier and the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame, there are plenty of reasons for visitors to stop by this region of California. With its abundance of sandy beaches and its proximity to other attractions, it’s no wonder that visitors choose to spend their days on Santa Monica’s southerly shores.


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